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Franchise Jobs For India


Jobsforindia brings this unique opportunity to you to not only become an entrepreneur but also extend our vision of bringing in the best business services and solutions to the door steps of its customers. So if you have the zeal in you to become a successful entrepreneur and be a part of HR DATA SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD., we invite you to be a part of JOBSFORINDIA. However, the operations will be managed by the local Management of the Partner, within broad parameters set out for the business.


We at Jobsforindia are striving to offer the best solutions to Corporate and Business groups across India . We do have working relationships with number of companies (Clients), supported by well qualified and experienced team of people.


1. Provide detailed information and training to our Partners about services.
2. Train the staff of the Partner and our own database access.
3. Provide all marketing material for various products and services.
4. Keep the Partners inform of various business opportunities available from time to time.


Normally all our Partners will owned 30 to 70 % stake by themselves, where as we hold only 20 to 40% stake depend upon the module selected by Partners in the business formed for this purpose.

There are 8 reasons why joining us can be your success story too:
1. Proven business model.
A great advantage is the knowledge that an JOBSFORINDIA, and all its workings and processes, have been hugely successful in various locations.
2. Low risk business.
Our franchisees have a much higher likelihood of success if the same business has already performed well in other areas.
3. Established customer base.
The brand name and reputation that come with your JOBSFORINDIA, Association we are already recognizable to national accounts.
4. Outstanding marketing support.
Our network benefits from top quality advertising and promotions undertaken nationally at corporate level, with little or no cost to the franchisee.
5. Initial and ongoing support.
In-depth online training and online support are part of the deal with your JOBSFORINDIA, Association.
6. An experienced opening team.
Our team will be on site during your opening week. We have the expertise in accounting procedures, personnel and facility management, plus business planning on a national scale, all in place to help you build a growing and thriving business.
7. Exclusive territory.
Rights and clients are exclusive to your JOBSFORINDIA, Association area, with no other franchises sold in that market.  
8. Ease of funding.
Our corporate back office support combined with our (optional) internal funding system for payroll and billing makes your life easier and produces positive cash flow.  
The timing is great to begin your franchise career and you don’t have to stop with one office. Many of our associates operate several locations. The choice is yours!
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